Municipality of Vrbas is situated on the crossing between central and southern parts of Bačka, and administratively it and it falls under administrative competence of Southern Bačka district.

Municipality of Vrbas stretches on 376 km2, which is around 1,75% of the land of Vojvodina.

Vrbas is administrative centre, it is situated 40 km from Novi Sad, and it belongs to sub regional centres of Vojvodina. Following settlements belong to the municipality: Bačko Dobro Polje, Zmajevo, Kucura, Ravno Selo, Savino Selo and Kosančić – an agricultural compound.

Motorway E-75 runs through the municipal territory, and it represents a major road connection between Europe and South-east Asia and main railroad Belgrade-Subotica-Hungary which carries passenger and cargo transport of European significance. Territory of the municipality is intersected by a developed canal network, belonging to the Danube-Tisa-Danube hydro system: Vrbas-Bezdan, Bečej-Bogojevo and Savino Selo-Novi Sad.

Being favourably positioned and easily accessible makes Vrbas very attractive for future investments.

Guidelines for organisation and development are laid out in the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia („Official Gazette RS, no. 13/96) and they provide the following instructions:

  • Development of Vrbas as a larger city centre is based on processing of sugar beet, sunflower, meat, milk and similar, since there is an exceptional base of raw materials in the vicinity and excellent conditions for its improvement;
  • From the point of development of public services, larger centres, such as Vrbas, have developmental function;
  • From the demographic point, considering available advantages and potentials, Vrbas should provide a stable functioning structure, with minimal growth of number of residents, strengthening relations within settlement subsystem;
  • With regards to traffic, the advantages of good road and railway connections