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Municipality of Vrbas is situated on the crossing between central and southern parts of Bačka, and administratively it and it falls under administrative competence of Southern Bačka district.

Municipality of Vrbas stretches on 376 km2, which is around 1,75% of the land of Vojvodina.

Vrbas is administrative centre, it is situated 40 km from Novi Sad, and it belongs to sub regional centres of Vojvodina. Following settlements belong to the municipality: Bačko Dobro Polje, Zmajevo, Kucura, Ravno Selo, Savino Selo and Kosančić – an agricultural compound.

Motorway E-75 runs through the municipal territory, and it represents a major road connection between Europe and South-east Asia and main railroad Belgrade-Subotica-Hungary which carries passenger and cargo transport of European significance. Territory of the municipality is intersected by a developed canal network, belonging to the Danube-Tisa-Danube hydro system: Vrbas-Bezdan, Bečej-Bogojevo and Savino Selo-Novi Sad.

Being favourably positioned and easily accessible makes Vrbas very attractive for future investments.

Guidelines for organisation and development are laid out in the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia („Official Gazette RS, no. 13/96) and they provide the following instructions:

  • Development of Vrbas as a larger city centre is based on processing of sugar beet, sunflower, meat, milk and similar, since there is an exceptional base of raw materials in the vicinity and excellent conditions for its improvement;
  • From the point of development of public services, larger centres, such as Vrbas, have developmental function;
  • From the demographic point, considering available advantages and potentials, Vrbas should provide a stable functioning structure, with minimal growth of number of residents, strengthening relations within settlement subsystem;
  • With regards to traffic, the advantages of good road and railway connections




Water supply project in the Municipality of Vrbas encompasses: 

  1. expansion of the existing deep wells in Vrbas 
  2. building of Portable Water Treatment Plant with capacity of Q=250 l/s, 
  3. reconstruction and upgrade of existing distribution system in Vrbas, and 
  4. building distribution network from the Portable Water Treatment Plant to the settlements in the Municipality of Vrbas.

It has been envisaged to get the water from the “first aquifer” at the depth of approximately 60 m. Water contains higher levels of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and ammonia (NH4).

In the purification process will be applied the following operations pre-ozonation, filtration, GAC filtration and disinfection.



Within the Revitalisation of Veliki bački kanal (The Great Canal of Bačka) Project, it is of essential significance to build Central waste water treatment plant - CWWTP of Vrbas and Kula. CWWTP will treat waste water from Vrbas, Kula and five other settlements in the Municipality of Vrbas, as well as previously treated industrial waste water.

CWWTP is located on the south of Vrbas, in the vicinity of the “triangle” on the Bogojevo – Bečej canal. Capacity of the CWWTP will be 120.000 PE (person equivalent).

At the CWWTP will be applied the Biological Nitrogen Phosphorus Removal in a conventional activated sludge system, thus meeting all requirements stipulated by the EU Water Framework Directive.




These zones are located in the residential area of Vrbas. Considering the position and existing layout, multipurpose buildings which correspond to the public infrastructure can be built. Residential buildings have been planned in this zone, but not exceeding ground plus four floors. This anticipates a special organisational regime and space utilisation (the need to allow opening of the inner part of the block), and improvement of quality and aesthetic features of the buildings. Business premises are allowed within the residential buildings. These businesses should be of administrative, services, repairs and commercial nature. Total area of this zone is 110 ha.


Industrial zones in Vrbas are mostly furnished with the required public utility installations. Development tendencies in organisational sense imply interweaving of different activities, specific business regime and development of business incubator aimed at expansion of small and medium businesses. In line with this, it is necessary to adequately improve the production, restructuring of the existing and dispersion of new activities, all in compliance with the spatial-ecological capacity. Position of these locations towards the corridor of E-75 motorway (and the off ramp), represent an additional factor in their integration into a wider regional environment. Total are covered by this zone equals 180 ha.

In villages, priority is given to programmes for utilisation and processing of the local raw materials, and accompanying service activities on remote locations – in either new or existing but non-functional structures, primarily in the segments of production, primary processing, storing or packaging of certain products, service activities related to agriculture and similar. Total area of industrial locations is 255 ha.

All structures and complexes must be built in compliance to the “Strategic Evaluation of Environmental Impact Act”. 


This area is located in the eastern section of Vrbas, in the industrial area “East”, situated on the left and right banks of the Veliki Bački kanal (The Great Canal of Bačka), upstream from the ”triangle”.

For the needs of the port, building on the area of 4ha will continue, and this area will play, after big cleanup of the Canal, an important role in the transport system. All required access roads and industrial railroad will be built on this site. This area will be primarily used for trans-shipment of bulk cargo, although expansion of the water surface remains an option, and thus expansion on activities related to other types of cargo. If there should be a need and if there is economical justification, this port will be enabled for integral transportation, considering that it has been planned that all three means of transport meet at that location.

Auxiliary purpose of this location is set for secondary and tertiary activities, i.e. most of the space is intended for business activities in the fields of handicraft production, construction, trade, traffic and communication. Purpose of secondary and tertiary activities implies processing industry which will use.


Analysis of the current situation regarding tourism industry in the Municipality of Vrbas shows that the following can be achieved:

  • Create tourist zone around the town of Vrbas – destined for tourism based on cultural and historical heritage, events, business activities and similar,
  • Fishpond zone and nature reserve “Jegrička”, based on excursion, sports and recreational tourism (hunting and fishing) and similar, and
  • Grange zone – based on cultural, educational and weekend tourism.

It is possible to organise sports and recreational complexes in form of park, enriched with a variety of activities that will take place on open grounds. Most of the area allocated for this purpose is intended for water surfaces with planned smaller catering facilities.


Economic development goals for Vrbas

General aim of the spatial development arises from the ambition for accomplishment of a higher level of development, achievable in real life, and better quality of life for residents, while respecting the principles of sustainable development. This would ensure creation of conditions which anticipate economically developed and regionally competitive area with good infrastructure and easy access for various means of transport, with preserved natural environment and protected cultural heritage, accompanied by efficient local administration.

Municipality of Vrbas will create conditions and possibilities to base its development on the grounds of sustainable development by faster economical and business development and strengthening of competiveness, all of which imply responsible relation towards resources and natural values, environment and cultural heritage.


Why invest in Vrbas? 

  • Favourable geographical position next to European Corridor 10
  • A set of local incentive measures for investors
  • Long-term industrial tradition
  • Large and well-equipped industrial and trade zones
  • Well-trained and available workforce
  • Efficient, highly qualified and organised municipal administration
  • Large areas of high quality agricultural land
  • Available resources, raw material base
  • Established market for the development of industry 



Municipality of Vrbas

Maršala Tita br. 89, 21460 Vrbas, Serbia

Phone: 00381.21.7954.000, Fax: 00381.21.705.990

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